BurnsLaw Godwin Bldg Burns Law is committed to 1) addressing the legal needs of our clients,  2) getting an expedient resolution of our clients’ cases and 3) obtaining the best possible result. We understand that it is important to you to be continuously informed about your case and the efforts that are being made on your behalf. We work hard to meet our commitment to our clients.

This practice focuses on four general areas – criminal defensedriving while impairedlicense restoration and traffic offenses.  By sharpening the focus of our practice areas, we perform better for our clients and achieve better results for them.

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Ken Burns has twenty-five (25) years of experience in the courts of Cumberland County, North Carolina. Ken has represented clients on various matters ranging from the most minor traffic ticket offense to serious criminal offenses in both district and superior courts.  We concentrate on cases in these courts.

Driving While Impaired

An impaired driving arrest can result from an assumption made by the police, poor police work or a mistake in your judgment. Impaired driving convictions can cause you serious problems, some of which you have not even begun to realize yet. You need an experienced DWI defense lawyer to represent you.

We will fight to save your license. We have over 19 years of experience defending against impaired driving charges. We take your case as seriously as you do.

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We handle all types of traffic ticket violations in Cumberland County courts. With traffic tickets it is important that you get the best possible result. Simply getting a reduction (while it seems great) can cause you serious problems with your driver’s license and insurance. We can appear in court on your behalf for you and get a result which will save you time, money and aggravation.

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We can help you get unresolved charges completed and usually we can get them cleared, allowing you to get your driver’s license re-issued. If necessary, we can request, and represent you at, a hearing with the Division of Motor Vehicles for the restoration of your driving privileges.

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